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July 2014

Check out my Etsy shop!

Hey, I run this really awesome Etsy shop at It is filled with political, funny, thought provoking t-shirts and totes. Any suggestions are welcomed!!!!

Idina Menzel

Am I the only person that finds her singing to sound like nails on a blackboard??? She is very talented for people who like that……kinda singing. I admit I cant sing a damn thing, but I’m in pain when she belts out a song!!! Sorry…..

Legit w\ Jim Jefferies

I put Legit on because I thought he was the dog in Wilfred. It was a fast decision and I was confused until I saw the credits. Oh My God. That show is hysterical!!! I know the subjects they address are a little politically incorrect, but it is so funny!!! I am now going to try and spread the word so more people watch this. It is HYSTERICAL!!!!!!!

Watch “The Feast” on YouTube

The Feast:
I was lucky enough to have this man as my teacher in 1977. He made an impression on me I’ve never forgotten. I hope other students found him to be as unforgettable as I did.


I just made my own Etsy shop. Store name is Mar3sons.  Check it out. I also will take suggestions from anyone. Its #Funny #UniteBlue #Liberal


Check out this Etsy shop!

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy shop at

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