September 2017

My Mother Has Died

At 11 PM on September 29, 2017, my Mother passed away. 92 years old.

Both her parents came from Ireland. She was born in the house her Mother has died in. 

She lived a nice long life.  


My Mom is Dying


This lady is unbelievable. It is definitely the end, but she is hanging in there.

Last night when the news announced Hugh Heffner had died, I whispered to her, “you can’t go today. You’d be fighting with Hugh Heffner at the pearly gates and I know you would win and he would end up in hell”. 

Thought maybe I should put on some music. I put on Pandora. Bob Dylan. My Mom saw him live at the Garden back in the day. The station started to play, Knocking On Heavens Door. I lost it a little. I’m trying to be tough. 

Well, tomorrow I wait again. I never thought I’d have to wait for my Mother to die, but here I am. 

Knock Heavens Door Down Mom. 

My Mother is Dying

  • I’m watching my mother’s labored breathing. I’m trying to keep her lips and mouth moisturized with those sticks with tiny sponges on the end of them. Like sponge lollipops. 

It isn’t as hard as I imagined. She’s 92. She has had a long life. 

I just brushed her hair. She still is a little vain.

Last night when I came to visit with Gabriel she wanted us to go. Didn’t want us to fuss. Only one person was allowed at a time. I went first. She was sitting there eating a Jello. I figured while she was happy, I should send in Gabriel. They share the same birthday. May 15. He’s 20. She’s 92. He came back pretty quickly. He said she asked him to put a pillow behind her head and shut out the light and leave. Rita move all the way. 

Tonight, to give her family privacy we were given a private room. Only room available is in pediatrics. Kind of makes me happy that there weren’t enough sick kids to fill it. 

This picture is from 2 years ago. She looks great for 90!
The picture below is on the ceiling above her bed. I guess it’s to give a focal point for kids getting poked and/or proded. 

She just was moved by the nurses. She wants to be left alone. She doesn’t want any meds. She doesn’t know I’m here either. 

So, my mother is dying and I’m watching. There’s nothing I can do except hope that wherever she goes next, it’s a good place. 

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