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Loneliest Seat


My best friend died two weeks ago,
Her husband sits in his garage,
In his chair,
He sips his Jameson and smokes……
Does he think of her eyes?
Beautiful and green and paying full attention.
Not many people pay full attention.
Does he think about when they were young and he saw her and knew he loved her?
Did she love him right away too?
He wondered aloud if it would be crazy to keep things of hers, clothes, so he could remember her smell.
So he could feel her with him.
She will always be with him.
My son is sitting in his chair today……He said, “I hope I get to love someone as much as John and Rosemary loved each other.”
I do too.

My feeble goal….

I’m going to begin this blog with the intent to be interesting funny and clearly a proud liberal union worker. There will be no bullshit around that.

Let’s Get This Started….

Hi. My name is Mary. I’m a single mother of 3 young men. Proud mother. I’m a Union member, also proud. A Democrat that voted for President Obama. Proud

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