Daredevil on Netflix

     So, a typical day in my life…..I take the 7:30 AM train to Brooklyn. Work 8 1/2 hours and take the train back to Mastic.
      First, when the train is pulling into Jamaica station in the morning a handsome guy goes to use the restroom. He slides the door open and standing in the corner peeing is an elderly man. Every morning the elderly gentlemen is on the train with us. He has a small amplifier hanging from a strap. He has several plastic containers (for donations) with news clippings about winning the fight to have his dog with him in the subway so he can sing and make some cash. He also has an elderly fluffy guide dog with him. The dog usually is shaking as we pull into the station. The look on the handsome man’s face was priceless as he slid the door shut and turned around. The juvenile that I am started to giggle. He just started to shake his head and smile. I whispered, “you know that made my day”.
      Jamaica Station……
      Work, work, work….train home. On the train a woman is giving her child’s father a lesson in what the role of a woman in the home is. This is over the phone in a volume that is usually reserved for bars. She says, “woman was made from the rib, to be beside a man, not in front and not behind. Beside”.
      She looks at me, “that’s how it goes, right?”.
       I am an atheist.  I want to say, “that’s how that story goes”. Instead, I just say, “Uh, yeah”.
        So, we pull into the Mastic station and I hop off the train. Press the button on my car key. Car lights up. It’s a good sign. Been having battery problems so I think all is well. Click, click, click. Nope. I call my son Dylan. He is still at work and will be about another 1/2 hour at the least. I text my friend Phil.  He is out to dinner. He asks if I’m OK and I fib that the car won’t start, but Dylan is coming. I call Dylan back and tell him I’ll wait for him. About 45 minutes. I sign in to my cables Wiki and put on Daredevil on Netflix. My kids have been telling me how great it is…….well, when Dylan got there to jump me I almost wanted to just stay and keep watching. My Mother’s Day weekend is shot.

Thank You Netflix and Daredevil



Dukes of Hazzard car.



Back To The Future







Watching Bill Maher.

I got home late from work last week. The next Real Time with Bill Maher would be the 1 AM replay. Miguel was at his girlfriends. It was just Gabby and me. We ran up to my room, snuggled and started the show. Needless to say we fell asleep. Sometime during the night, I was elbowed in the forehead. It was such a blow, I saw a bright light. I opened my eyes in time to see Gabby turning away from me and gasping. I lay there and realized he was pretending he didn’t just almost knock me out. I didn’t want to get upset and end up becoming fully awake. I moaned in pain and turned and faced the opposite direction. We both fell back asleep. The following day neither one of us brought it up. After dinner though, I had a flashback. I said, “did you try to kill me last night?” The look on his face when he realized it wasn’t a dream was priceless. He admitted he thought he knocked me out and decided to leave me there. He didn’t want to get in trouble. Nice, huh???

My sons think they have a Union

I keep my sons very active politically and with Union events. One day I took the fans apart and cleaned them all. I left instructions for them to reassemble them. This is the note I found when I got home from work that evening. They think they’re funny……

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